Monday, 22 July 2013

Let's go to the beach

I am lucky enough to live in a city with a beach. I love swimming in the sea (not too deep though- that's all a bit scary!) 
Last year when I was living in Ibiza, me and my Fiance, both of us too hot, decided it would be a good idea to cool off in the ocean. 
We were at the top of a beautiful rocky cliff with crystal clear waters, beautiful coral and brightly coloured fish below. After jumping in and seriously underestimating the tide, which was quickly dragging us out further and further, I started to panic. 
Suddenly we were both sucked out into what I can only describe as an abyss. 
The water suddenly went so deep it turned to pure darkness. There was this crackling noise that came with being out so deep. It was like the energy of the ocean floor popping to the surface. The energy of the water was overpowering and unexpected. 
To make things worse eels started hitting into my legs- this sent me into a full blown scream-athon (at the time it was obviously a shark...) My Fiance (a lot braver than I) quickly stopped his uncontrollable laughter at my escapades. Panic set over him too, hey, maybe there is a shark? Maybe it wants to eat us?!
You have never seen two people swim faster or look more stupid in the space of five minutes. Trying to climb out of the water onto a jagged cliff face gracefully did not happen that day, neither has the urge to want to go deep sea swimming again.

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