Friday, 30 August 2013

Under the roses. Behind the ivy wall.

| Sunglasses - Witchery Luella Cat Eye Sunglasses | Lace bra - La Perla | 
| Top - Weekday | Floral shorts - River Island | Bag - Zara |
| Boots - Saint Laurent |

Recently in Barcelona the temperature has really dropped, which quickly reminded me 
of England. 
When I left England I was very excited at the thought of leaving - like anywhere when you stay for too long. After moving around the country and then finally to London, I felt like my time in England was coming to an end. 
 But as the saying goes, "You don't know what you had, until it's gone." 
Today, I have suddenly realised how I actually miss that freshness in the air, the magical misty 
mornings, the greenery, forests, lush gardens, the rain (yes, the rain) and randomly, the supermarkets. 
What I would do for a Waitrose or M&S ready meal right now... Anyone who doesn't
come from England, youtube a Marks & Spencer food advert and you'll understand. The other day someone told me that British food has a bad reputation? I think they have been going to the wrong places haha!
Anyways, nostalgia over. 
Here is a super cool outfit which would be perfectly suited to a lunch in a beautiful garden restaurant 
(as I was imagining!)