Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Take me to Paris

One day in Paris

| Underwear set - Topshop |

| Stripe top - Topshop | Skirt - Farfetch | Pumps - Zara |
| Pearls - Tiffany & Co. | Bag - Zara | Sunglasses - Zara | Lipgloss - Nars |
| Waterproof eyeliner - Debenhams | Paris skyline umbrella - Umbrellaheaven | 

Paris, the city of Romance. I have never been and really want to visit!
I have heard many great things about the city and have met many Parisians - most of them crazy, all of them stylish.
I think this outfit would be perfect for Paris- had to include the Paris skyline umbrella. Very cool.
I can imagine myself strolling around the beautiful streets wearing this, then taking a break to enjoy a lazy coffee in a quaint, picture perfect cafĂ©.
This Topshop underwear set is very ooh la la. Hiding this under the unsuspecting outfit would make Paris proud. Take me to Paris now...

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