Saturday, 3 August 2013

Sex, drugs & rock 'n roll

Groupie love

| Fur vest - Topshop | Leather skirt - Mango | Lace top - Target | Heels - Topshop |
| Earcuff - Accessorize | Sunglasses - Moscot | Flower headband - Modcloth |

I love this outfit. Rock & roll style just always looks effortlessly cool.
All these pieces are so versatile and easy to wear, this look is more of an evening outfit but could easily be dressed down with a pair of flat ankle boots. 
I thought the rock & roll lifestyle would be the lifestyle for me... Until I decided to move to Ibiza. The world's party island, where madness is the norm and reality is non-applicable. 
No, it wasn't rock music and no, I did not turn into a groupie but wohhhh was it an intense experience.
I honestly do not know how people can keep this lifestyle up for years on end. 
The highs, the lows, the insane, crazy and plain weird events and characters that you meet along the way, would just not happen in everyday life. 
When I finally left Ibiza, armed with two suitcases too heavy for their own good, 300euros left to my name and a dog with one eye...(long story) - via what turned out to be an eight hour ferry/party boat, complete with DJ's, gogo dancers and a mass of people who wanted to get very very drunk, I felt exhausted
But at the end of it all, lying on a sun lounger slowly watching the island shrink into the distance and welcoming the vast glimmering ocean ahead, I was smiling cheekily inside (at that point even my face muscles could not muster a smile.) I had given my entire summer to the whirlwind of magical mania that is rock & roll. And was it worth it... Most definitely, yes.

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