Saturday, 20 July 2013

Watching the storm roll in

I live in Barcelona. I love the city, the energy, the colours, the happiness here. 

Coming from England, a beautiful but very different place- it was a culture shock. 
From the rolling green fields, the polite and prompt, the land of 'keep calm and carry on' to Spain, hot, temperamental and exciting. 
I didn't plan it, it just kind of happened. 

It's funny because at first I began to compare most places and things here to familiarities to make myself feel more comfortable. "This place reminds me of so and so…'" "This is like when we went to…." Suddenly it hits you. No. This isn't like here. It's completely different. It's an exciting experience. An adventure.

Now I have lived here for some time, I decided to stay at the edges of Barcelona in the mountains with some special people, we arrived home yesterday.
We rented a beautiful apartment at the top of the hills. It overlooked the entire city, in the distance you could see the sea. All the windows were floor to ceiling, overlooking the best view I have ever seen.
The best part was the large roof terrace where we spent most of our time. One of these special people is a yoga instructor , doing yoga in such a beautiful place was amazing.

One night when we were having a slow dinner on the terrace the sky began to rumble. A big storm was rolling in from over the sea.  You could see the rain falling on the city in the distance. The lightening crackled lighting up the entire sky, the thunder continuously let out low rumbles as it slowly approached us. Finally at around 2am the storm hit the terrace. We re-treated inside to watch for a while longer. Then finally when everyone began to tire, I went for a long hot bath, then read my new book tucked up in bed. It was the perfect short trip.

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